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Rentals Are Not Running At This Time.

We are updating our facilities to accommodate our COVID-19 safety plan. Follow us on social media or check back for updates!

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday: 9am-4pm
  • Monday: by appointment
  • Tuesday: by appointment
  • Wednesday: by appointment
  • Thursday: by appointment
  • Friday: 9am-4pm
  • Saturday: 9am-4pm

These hours are for October 2020. To book an appointment please call John’s cell phone at 250-803-8527 or email us at



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Services Offered

John Waxing

Whether you’re looking for new or used equipment, trying to offload some used equipment, looking for help with ski maintenance, or just looking for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate after a good day skiing, you’ve come to the right place. With a full lineup of cross-country ski equipment, waxes, snowshoes, and outdoor winter clothing, there is something for everyone. Our ski tester will make sure that everything fits and that you’ll have an enjoyable winter out on the snow.

If you’re looking to get your skis glide waxed, the costs is $18 a pair for non-fluoro or liquid glide wax or $20 a pair for the faster low fluoro wax. Cleaning of grip wax is $5 a pair. Snowshoe or ski repair costs are done on a case-by-base basis.

Bindings are always mounted for free regardless of where the skis and bindings came from!

Community Involvement

Over the years, John’s Ski Shack has been involved in many ski community activities, from donating draw prizes for various Larch Hills draws to sponsoring races. Additionally, John is one of the volunteer tracksetters and junior racers coaches at Larch Hills. John has also organized the Larch Hills Fun Race for several years.


In 2002, while working full-time as a logger and logging company owner, John Thielman built his chalet-style ski shop, complete with log railings, a natural stone hearth, and a soaring loft. On weekends and evenings (and early mornings), John did everything from building site prep with his own equipment, to pouring cement foundations by hand, milling lumber, and laying the store’s characteristic red roofing. In 2006, as space was running out, a wax and technical room was added.

A well-known ski club member, instructor, and former competitive Nordic racer and biathlete, John welcomes skiers of all ages and abilities to John’s Ski Shack.